Clothes Pickers


Owning a used clothing business is a challenge. And one of the most difficult tasks is selecting the right inventory.

As you know, local flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales offer alot of choices. The problem is only a small percentage of pre-owned clothes have significant resale value. Thats why I started ClothesPickers.

ClothesPickers is a new tool that helps dealers, just like you, quickly and easily find hidden treasures. All you have to do is look for clothes found in the tips section of this blog. These recommendations represent items you can be buy and sell quickly and for the most money. I have even taken into consideration availability. (Lets face it, we would all love to find a pair of jeans belonging to James Dean, but how often do those show up at a garage sale?)

So whether your an experienced dealer or new to the business, is designed to make your search for pre-owned clothing more rewarding and alot more fun. I hope you enjoy ClothesPickers as much as I do. I created it for you.